Banking Pathway 2015: Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,
Since several banking exams are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays an important role to score 4- 5 marks within a few seconds, if you are memorizing words on the very daily basis. Here, we are providing you some words to help you to attain your goal.

1. Accentuate (V):- to stress, single out as important.
Synonyms: accent, emphasise, emphasize, punctuate, stress
Uses: The little girl wore a bright pink bow to accentuate her adorable ponytails.

2. Aggrandize (V):- increase or intensify.
Synonyms: aggrandise, blow up, dramatise, dramatize, embellish, embroider.
Uses: The history of the past illustrates how Indira gandhi aggrandized her power to act aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of Congress.
Trick: grand- this resembles to something huge,great,wealthy.

3. Obeisance (N):- bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting.
Synonyms: bow, bowing.
Uses: The young girl showed obeisance when she bowed before the queen.

4. Avalanche (N):- a slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain.
Synonyms: roll down
Uses: Just over a year ago 16 Sherpa guides were killed after the deadliest avalanche on record hit Everest.

5. Besmirch (V):- charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone
Synonyms: asperse, calumniate, defame, denigrate, slander, smear, smirch, sully.
Uses: The scandalous remarks in the newspaper besmirch the reputations of every member of the society.
Trick: Besmirch= kisi ki achi reputation ko mirche lga ke bigadna.

6. Effervescent (Adj):- marked by high spirits or excitement.
Synonyms: bubbling, frothy, sparkly.
Uses: American beauty has fertile effervescent mind. (I anticipate when she notices her name in this sentece she will be in euphoria):):)

7. Bowdlerize (V):- edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate
Synoyms: bowdlerise, castrate, expurgate, shorten
Uses: After the film editors had bowdlerized the language in the script, the motion picture's rating was changed from "R" to "PG."

8. Braggadocio (N):- vain and empty boasting.
Synonyms: bluster, rhodomontade, rodomontade.
Uses: There's too much hyperbole and braggadocio, although sometimes the results are astonishing.
Trick:  the word "brag" means boasting.. so from that it can be easily remembered.

9. Cantankerous (Adj):- often angry and annoyed
Synonyms: ill humoured; irritable, ill tempered, fastidious, truculent, 
Uses: Constantly complaining about his treatment and refusing to cooperate with the hospital staff, he was a cantankerous patient.

10. Burlesque (V):- give an imitation that ridicules.
Synonyms: parody, caricature, spoof, travesty.
Uses: In Spaceballs, Rick Moranis burlesques Darth Vader of Star Wars, outrageously parodying Vader's stiff walk and hollow voice.
Trick: burlesque..can be pronounced as bure log in hindi..wha do bad ppl do?? ridicule others..

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