Banking pathway 2015: Daily Wordlist from Hindu newspaper

Dear Readers,Since several banking exams are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays an important role to score 4- 5 marks within a few seconds, if you are memorizing words on the very daily basis. Here, we are providing you some words to help you to attain your goal.
1) Cogent:
a)well organised thinking, powerfully persuasive, crisp and clear thinking
Hindu eg: the home ministry told the president that there were no content circumstances warranting a rethink on Yakub's hanging.
b)having the power to induce action or belief. eg: it is hard to find Cogent argument amidst all emotional outburst.
Trick: co-gent -a gentleman is always a right person to convince others. Co-agent- I find company's agents more convincing than others

2) Impasse: a) when there is no way a passing is going to occur
 b) a situation in which the parties involved cannot or won't move forward to make progress
 Hindu eg: No end to the parliament impasse as the opposition sticks to its demand.
 Syn: deadened, descend, stalemate,
 Tricks: Im(passe) impossible to pass

3) infiltrated: a) enter a group or organization to spy on its members or pass through enemy lines in a military conflict.                           
 Hindu eg: the militants indicated that the terrorists had infiltrated from  Pakistan into Punjab 
Trick: In came the traitor as in-traited                                      .

4) Appellant: the party who appeals the decision of a lower court.
  Hindu eg: the CIC upheld the voters right and directed that the appellant be paid 10000 rs.

5) Graft: a)means bribery and corruption.
 b) transplanting skin or bones in medicine, as in a skin graft
 Hindu eg: another Chinese official to be prosecuted for graft.
 Shaking with fear for Brady, she watched them cut through the skin grafts and transfuse blood  then jump his heart.

6) Piqued( peeked):a) to make someone angry or annoyed
 b)to arouse ,stimulate or excite,to increase interest
 eg: her interest in dance was piqued at the summer camp .
trick: don't pick on me i.e. don't irritate me...

7) Reconnaissance: checking out situation before taking action
eg :you could do a reconnaissance on a new employee before hiring her.
eg:  An exchange of fire occurred at the border on a reconnaissance mission
Trick: sounds like recognize an army while surveying your territory.

8)Amnesty: pardon for wrong doing or signal of a govt willingness to overlook something.              
eg: Chinese citizens who were jailed for illegal logging were freed in an amnesty. 
Syn: pardon
Trick: amnesty- I am nasty still my parents forgive me.

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