Night Class: English Quiz

Directions: Rearrange the following five sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.

(A) All these changes, though not sweeping, have class, caste and gender elements to them, as also urban and rural differences.
(B) There is more premarital sexual activity, more divorce and separation, more single-parent families more senior citizens living by themselves.

(C) The change in family composition in rural areas, for instance, largely linked to fertility charges and migration patterns.
(D) As a nation, we have been witnessing a great range of changes in the way we live, eat, dress, travel and communicate.
(E) We now live longer, have fewer babies, marry outside our core social group, live apart in small groups comprising only parents and children.

1.Which of the following would be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
1) A 
2) C 
3) D 
4) B 
5) E

2.Which of the following would be the LAST (FIFTH) sentence after rearrangement?
1) B 
2) C 
3) E 
4) D 
5) A

3.Which of the following would be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
1) E 
2) D 
3) B 
4) C 
5) A

4.Which of the following would be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) C 
2) A 
3) B 
4) D 
5) E

5.Which of the following would be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
1) D 
2) A 
3) C 
4) E 
5) B

Directions (Q. 106-110): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is 'no error' the answer is 5) (ignore error of punctuation, if any)

6. 1 ) Taken into consideration / 2) the advice of his mother / 3) decide to / 4) stay in the hostel / 5) No error

7. 1) There are many / 2) ways of which /3) atmospheric pressure can /4) be measured / 5) No error

8. 1) Cornflake companies/2) have not been as / 3) successful in our country /4) than we expected /5) No error

9. 1) The promotion of /2) one of us / 3) have caused resentment / 4) among other team members. 5) No error

10. 1) He has ruined /2) his liver / 3) by drinking / 4) alcohol daily 5) No error

1. 3
2. 2
3. 3
4. 2
5. 4
6. 1; replace ‘taken’ with ‘taking’
7. 2; replace ‘of’ with ‘by’
8. 4; replace ‘than’ with ‘as’
9. 3; replace ‘have’ with ‘has’
10. 5; No error

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