Daily Word List

1. Antipathy(N): strong or deep-rooted dislike, aversion
Synonyms-abhorrence, animosity
Use-His professional judgment was colored by his personal antipathies.

2. Appalling(Adj): shockingly bad
Synonyms-astounding, awful
Use-We were appalled by the jury’s verdict in favour of the accused.

3. Baleful(Adj): threatening evil, harmful
Synonyms-noxious, sinister,
Use-He disappeared into the night with a red nose and a baleful look.

4. Belittle(V): to speak of in a depreciatory or contemptuous way
Synonyms-disparage, criticize
Use-She left her husband constantly belittled her achievements.

5. Bigotry(N): intolerance, prejudice
Synonyms-dogmatism, narrow-indedness
Use-He deplored religious bigotry.

6. Camaraderie(N): friendship and trust among people
Synonyms-fellowship, brotherhood
Use-He missed the old camaraderie of life in the army.

7. Capitulate(V): to submit, yield
Synonyms-bow, buckle
Use-The club eventually capitulated and now grants equal rights to women.

8. Delinquent(Adj): showing a tendency to commit crimes especially by young people
Synonyms-censurable, criminal
Use-He was known to be a delinquent young man.

9. Demur(V): to object to something
Synonyms-oppose, remonstrate
Use-At first she demurred but finally agreed to come with us.

10. Dilatory(Adj): intending to delay
Synonyms-enlarge, improve
Use-The government has been dilatory in dealing with the problem of unemployment.

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