Daily Word List

1.Fortitude(N):brave and calm in trying circumstances
synonyms:courage, resilience
Use-she accepted the news of her father's incarceration with fortitude.

2.Embargo(N):any legal restriction of commerce
synonyms: injunction,censorship
Use-The enbargo on the sale of tobacco has been lifted.

3.Genial(Adj):to be warm and friendly
synonyms: affable, amicable
Use-His genial natute made him popular in his new office. 

4.Pauper(N):Extremely poor
synonyms:bankrupt, insolvent
Use-He did die a pauper and is buried in an unmarked grave.

5.Reprehensible(Adj):objectionable, culpable
synonym:despicable, deplorable
Use-Mr.Sharma said the violence by protestors was reprehensible.

6.Sacrosanct(Adj): very sacred,holy
synonyms-repected, hallowed
Use-I'll work till late in the evening, but my weekends are sacrosanct.

7.Retort(N):a quick, sharp reply
synonyms:response, riposte
Use-His sahrp retort made an impact.

8.Winsome(Adj):pleasant, attractive
Use-She gave him a winsome smile and won him over to her side.

synonyms:comparable, commensurate
Use-If he resigned it woul be tantamount to admitting that he was guilty.

synonym:arrogant, snobbish
Use-His eyebrows were arched in supercillious surprise.

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