Daily Wordlist

1.Headroom(N): Gap
use-The expanded room provides ample headroom for a new sitting area.

2.Disparity(N): discrepancy
use-Disparities between major states result in unhealthy competition.

3.Agony:Extreme pain
use-Nothing in his life had prepared him for this intense agony.

4.Muggy(adj): oppressively humid,damp
synonyms-moist,soggy, sticky
use-Muggy condition can add discomfort to your journey.

5.Exult(V): cheer
synonyms-rejoice, celebrate
use-After winning first place in the contest, his family took him out to exult in the victory.

6.Elicit(v):bring out
use-We plan to elicit opinions from  students.

7.Euphoria(N):extreme happiness
synonyms-elation, exhilaration
use-No one in the last two decades has come to power with greater euphoria than the Narender Modi sarkar.

synonyms-immobilize, stifle
use-he was crippled by incipient disease of the brain.

9.conducive(Adj):favorable for
synonyms-helpful, useful
use-Indians are entrepreneurial by nature; they just need a conducive environment.

10.Retribution(N):payback for another's action
use-Without a doubt, this action demanded retaliation and retribution.

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