Daily Wordlist

1.Abstain(v): To refrain from something
Synonyms-decline, constrain
Use-Ten people voted in favour, five against and two abstained.

2.Assimilate(v): To absorb and incorporate
Synonyms-grasp, incorporate
Use-Immigrants have been successfully assimilated into the  community.

3.Arcane(adj): understood by only a few
Synonyms-esoteric, mysterious
Use-This argument may seem arcane to those not closely involved in the world of finance.

4.Discern(v):to be aware of, detect
Synonyms-ascertain, apprehend
Use-She could discern an air of tension in the room.

5.Exalt(Adj): celebrate
Synonyms-august, elevated
Use-The Red house student felt exalted when topped at the sports meet.

6.Gregarious(Adj): fond of the company of others
Synonyms-friendly, sociable
Use-Gregarious people are better at work situatons that involve group activity.

7.Magniloquent(Adj): bombastic or boastful
Use-The magniloquent speaker sounded too boring.

8.Wanton(Adj): destructive behaviour
Synonyms-malicious, inconsiderate
Use-His work is pending due to his wanton behaviour.

9.Voracious(Adj): eating and wanting large amount of something
Synonyms-rapacious, insatiable
Use-He has voracious and undiscriminating appetite for facts.

10.Virulent(Adj):extremely bitter
Synonyms-hostile, dangerous
Use-A very virulent form of the disease appeared in china.

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