MISSION IBPS EXAM : Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,

Today we are providing you word list of some common words which often confuse you while reading and understanding English section. It is much better you start  preparing vocabulary on daily basis that will be helpful in getting 4-5 marks easily in your upcoming exams.

1.Discrete(Adj):- Separate
synonyms-unconnected, detached, different
use-A store room is a discrete place within a house.

2.Abjure(V):- Give up
synonyms-Renounce, take back, renege
use- I request you to abjure smoking.

3.obdurate(Adj):- stubborn
synonyms-shameless, inflexible, callous
use- The shopkeeper is very obdurate to collect the due amount.

synonyms- Dandger,grave risk, loss
use- Spending night in jungle will leave us in peril.

5.Mutate(V):- To change
synonyms- alter, modify, vary
use- Vaccines are available and, as long as the flu does not mutate too far from the known strains.

6.Affront(N):- An insult
Synonyms-put down, impertinence, indignity
use- She feels it was an affront to her when no one invited her to the party.

7.Repeal(V):-To withdraw
Synonyms- revoke,abolish, remove
use- It actually goes further in terms of simplifying the tax code and repealing popular deductions.

8.Infamous(Adj):-Bad reputation
synonyms- notorious, nefarious, disreputable
use- The infamous Marshal Jones has been removed from his post for his illegal activites.

9.Adjure(V):- Request earnestly
synonyms- entreat, order, obligate
use- I adjure you to give up your bad habit for smoking.

10.Bizarre(Adj):- Unusual
Synonyms- ludicrous, extraordinary, odd
use- On one bizarre occasion, Kavita found herself dependent upon an old woman who ran a rubber plant.

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