Vocabulary for Reading Comprehension

Dear Readers,
Today we are providing you something  different which will surely help to you understand the moods, tones, opinions, characteristics and eulogies which have found a higher representation in the R.C. passages of Banking exams. We often find Reading comprehension passages tough. TO understand RC one has to infer it in an exact way, whatever the author implies, is extremely important to comprehend the RC. A good vocabulary can become a major tool for a student.
So here is the list of some words which might help you to directly answer the tone of the passages asked in banking exams.

1.Cynic:A person who believes that people do things only for their own advantage:concerned only with one's own interests not for good, noble and sincere reasons
Example-over a period of time, woman in Afghanistan had started viewing the cynical Taliban with much suspicion.

2.Ironic:Something which happens in the opposite way to what is expected
Example-It is ironic that she died of Dengue, though she was the one who discovered the first medicine for it.

3.Moron:A very stupid person, lacking in good judgement.
Example-Sometimes even an adult person behaves like a complete moron.

4.Eclectic:Selecting what appears to be the best from diverse sources,styles or systems
Example-Book lovers have a very eclectic taste in literature.

5.Morose:Sad,unhappy and bad tampered but not saying much
Example- Never be a morose person even u failed at everythng you tried before.

6.Subjective:Based on personal taste or opinions,based on inner experience rather than  fact
Example- Saying that "Bahubali"is not a very good movie, would be a very subjective statement; I liked it very much.

7.Sceptical:An attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or towards a particular object.
Example-He is always sceptical about the cuttoff of the marks.

8.Vindictive: Disposed to seek revenge;ruthless
Example-The Judge was threatned by the vindictive criminal for delivering the justice.

9.Anarchist:A person who believes that laws and governments are not neccessary
Example-Many websites, meanwhile, declared the anarchist movement responsible for the murder.

10.Agnostic:A person who is unsure of the extistence of God but he is little flexible with respect to his beliefs
Example-Though he is an agnostic person but he has no doubt that human infants come with an enormous 'acquisitiveness' for discovering patterns".

These words can be asked in this type of question given below:
1. Which of the following is the tone and theme of the passage?
a. cynical
b. caustic
c. callous
d. biased
e. none of these

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