Daily Wordlist

1.Despondent(adj): depressed, gloomy
Synonyms-despairing, disheartened
Use-she was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going.

2.Demure(adj): sober, modest
Synonyms- basful, affected
Use-She wore a demure navy dress with a white collor.

3.Impertinent(adj): rude
Synonyms-impolite, insolent
Use-No teacher can tolerate impertinent behaviour.

4.Haughtiness(N): arrogance and pride
Synonyms-vanity, snobbery
Use-There was a certain haughtiness in her manner that raised the hackles of her classmates.

5.Invidious(adj): hateful, resentment
Synonyms-Obnoxious, detesable
Use-I remonstrated, rather annoyed at the invidious position she was forcing on me.

6.Jingoism(n): chauvinistic advocacy of an aggressive, warlike foreign policy.
Synonyms-belligerence, extreme
Use-The jingonism of the Nazis proved to be the undoing of Germany.

7.Exonerate(v): free from guilt, accusation
Synonyms- vindicate, absolve
Use-This is clear from the pains you took to exonerate your conscience, in your generosity to the orphans.

8.Ambiguous(adj): having two or more possible meaning
Synonyms- enigmatic, equivocal
Use-Her account was deliberately ambiguous.

9.Benign(adj): kindly
Synonyms- amiable, benevolent
Use-You would never have guessed his intentions from the benign gestures he makes.

10.Chide(v): to criticize
Synonyms- reprimand, censure
Use-She chided herself for being so impatient with the children.

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