Daily Wordlist

1. Digress (V): To wander
Synonyms- deflect,aberrate
Use-I do not mind her habit of digressing, she's such a good customer.

2. Consummate (Adj): To make something complete or perfect
Synonyms- mpeccable,absolute
Use- The marriage lasted only a week and was never consummated.

3. Attrition (N): A gradual decrease in number
Synonyms- depreciation, attenuation
Use-The difficulty was to overcome its susceptibility to attrition.

4. Exacerbate(V): To aggravte
Synonyms- intensify, exasperate
Use-The pain reliever exacerbated the pain instead of acting as a reliever.

5. Divulgate (V): TO make publicly known
Synonyms- Uncover,exhibit
Use-She merely again urged the Princess never to divulgate the secret.

6. Fabricate (V): TO invent a story and cheat someone
Synonyms- devise, brainstorm
Use-The attorney claimed that he could prove that all the charges against his client had been fabricated.

7. Heckle (V): To harass with questions or tuants
Synonyms- interrupt, jeer
Use-The speaker could not proceed with his lecture as he was heckled by the audience.

8. Idyllic (Adj): simple and carefree
Synonyms- peaceful, halcyon
Use- We went for an idyllic vacation in a seashore cottage.

9. Meander (V): To move aimlessly
Synonyms- recoil,drift
Use-He spent the afternoon meandering around the streets.

10. Niggardly (Adj): mean,stingy
Synonyms- parsimonious,miserly
Use-we are finding it hard to make the two ends meet on the niggardly pittance we are earning.

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