Daily Wordlist

1.cognizance(N): awareness
synonyms- insight,attention
Use- Banks are taking cognizance of the healthy asset quality and low credit losses.

2.Uphold(V): To support or defend against opposition.
synonyms- defend, advocate
Use-You are expected on all occasions to uphold the authority of me.

3.Lynch(V): To put to death
synonyms- execution, capital punishment
Use-Lynching was one of the reasons most often given as a cause of the migration.

4.Incumbent(Adj): Obligatory
synonyms- necessary, binding
Use-It is incumbent on high constitutional functionaries to rise to the occasion.

5.Embolden(V): Encourage
synonyms- energize, invigorate
Use- Emboldened by his success, I followed his advice.

6.Apposite(Adj): Pertinent
Synonyms- relevant, germane
Use-Talk should proceed by instances; by the apposite, not the expository.

7.Untenable(Adj): indefensible
Synonyms- illogical, unsound
Use-This is clearly untenable that the ruling party wants to disregard secularism.

8.Pronouncement(N): an advertisement  or decree
Synonyms- announcement, judgment
Use-At the conclusion of the pronouncement,the supreme court judge thanked everyone.

9.Paragon(N): outstanding
Synonyms- epitomb, ideal
Use-We see a paragon of paternity between our two counties.

10.Radical(Adj): Fundamental
Synonyms- basic, basal
Use-Radical inciters are telling politicians that we are going to destroy the mosque.

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