Daily Wordlist

1.Menace(N): a dangerous or possibly harmful person.
Synonyms- Peril, intimidation

Use-Crime against woman is a menace to society.

2.Effigy(N): an image of a person
Synonyms- likeness, satue
Use-Here lies the effigy of the bishop in a carved and richly gilded tomb.

3.Strife(N): an act of contention
Synonyms- controversy,animosity
Use-20 years of civil strife have left the country's economy in ?ruins.

4.Reconciliation: the process of finding away to make different ideas
Synonyms- conciliation, accord
Use-It took ?hours of ?negotiations to ?bring about a reconciliation between the two ?sides.

5.Purge(N) : to cause something to leave the body.
Synonyms- evacuation, elimination
Use- The results of the election revealed that voters were determined to purge the city of its corrupt officials.

6.Litigant(N): a person who involved in a lawsuit 
Synonyms- offender, offender
Use-Every litigant was legally required to conduct his own case.

7.Laggards(N): a person or thing that does not go or move
Synonyms- slow starter, idler
Use-The gentleman from Maxico has learned much since 1861; but he is still a laggard.

8.Encore(N): a demand for repetition
Synonyms- plaudits, reappearance
Use- Audience were ?shouting for an encore.

9.Depravity(N): an evil or immoral act
Synonyms- degradation, contamination
Use-Though I believe one reason of their depravity is the badness of the actors.

10.Palpable(Adj): capable of being touched or felt
Synonyms- clear, obvious
Use-A palpable success here for either side must go far to decide the issue of the war.

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