Financial Awareness Capsule

Dear Readers,

Here we are with the Financial Awareness Capsule. It is the capsule having all the banking news and new developments in the banking sector in the last 6 months i.e from April 2015- September 2015.
It is the detailed form of news. You all can read it and try to remember the summary of the news. This capsule has been prepared by AK Gupta Sir, Ex- Chief Manager, Punjab National Bank. He has put all his experience in designing this capsule and we believe that his experience will help us cherish as a banker. Thank you Sir for showering your blessing on such an auspicious day in the form of knowledge.
This capsule is also designed in such a way that it will help us in RBI Grade B exam as well as it comprises of 80 questions in General Awareness and we are expecting a lot of financial questions in the Grade B exam. 

To download the capsule, Click Here

So friends, gear up for the Mains battle as IBPS has released the admit cards as well. We will keep providing you the weapons, but ultimately you need to decide how to use it. Now you can download the capsule by clicking on the below link.

Disclaimer: We have tried our best to keep the content totally error free, however, there may be some errors, which might have crept in inadvertently. We request you to inform us if you come across any error in the document, so that, we can come out with errata. In any case, Bankers Adda or Career Power should not be held responsible for any losses arising out of any such error.

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