IBPS PO Mains 2015: Understanding Personality Test

Hello Friends,

With the release of Admit Cards for the IBPS PO Mains examination, students have found a surprise from IBPS's side. Yes friends, many of you might have noticed the instruction number 7 in the admit card. If you haven't, then let us introduce it. 

Friends, do not get worry about this as this will not be used for the result processing but IBPS may considered this at the time of the Interview.  

The point says "Immediately after on-line objective test, an experimental Personality test will be administered on-line. You are requested to take the personality test."

Now you all must be wondering what is this Personality Test and how it may affect your result?
No need to worry at all, as the point clearly states that it is experimental and a student is required to give the test immediately after the Mains exam. 

What is Personality Test?
A personality test is a questionnaire or other standardized instruments designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup.

There are different type of Personality Test, which are taken by the companies. In this article, we will help you understand some of the types.

These type of tests are very common with private companies recruitment process. In fact, some of the Public Sector Undertaking, like DMRC and Private Banks such as ICICI also takes such kind of tests. 

No one can be sure about the intention of IBPS behind this test, but it might be the beginning of the change in the process. Although it is mentioned that it is experimental but in future, we might see it as a part of process.

This test is something that you cannot prepare for. You heard me right, these test are random type of question where your decisions are analysed based on the answers you opted for. 

Type 1

One of the type is designed to check that how you are likely to decide which can be a Real Personality Test. This can check you how you respond like a person or can check your work related personality.  

In this test you can be given a statement and then you are asked what is your response to it?

For example:
'The manager should focus only on the goals of the company only.'

Suppose this is the statement, then you can be asked to choose from the given choices:
  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree

Type 2
Another type can be a real situation test which can test your decision making ability.

Let us take an example where you are asked that
"An old man comes to the bank and ask you to open account. While opening account you found that some of the documents are forged, what will you do"
(a) Call the Police and hand him over to Police.
(b) Report your manager about the case.
(c) Being an old man, you will still open the account.
(d) You will request him to bring some other documents if possible.

All the four options shows that you are not going to open the account but all the option has the denial in a different way. Now let us discuss each option separately.

If you choose option (a), then this shows that whatever happens, you abide by the rule. This shows the obedience side of your character and shows the loyalty towards bank.

If you choose option (b), then this shows that you are confused about what to do. You require someone who can take a decision on your part and you want to go with the decision that your seniors make rather than making a decision.

If you choose option (c), this shows your emotional side and you may bend emotionally and might sacrifice ethically whenever such thing will happen.

If you choose option (d), this also shows an emotional side but you are helping him by giving him another chance where he might not have an idea that he is carrying a forged document. And he might return to the bank with other documents and may contribute to bank's business.

Believe me friends, every individual will take the same question in different way and he will be right from his point of view. But this test will judge the overall personality of the individual. 

In fact before interview, this is the best way to judge the personality and it will play an important role in the process if it becomes the part of process. It is the time to wait and watch what these questions are going to be and how students get used to it. 

Note:  Above mentioned analysis is according to the general personality test, which is being conducted by various companies and organization. This may or may not be the exact IBPS Personality Test.

We will keep updating any information that we get from IBPS.

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