Daily Wordlist

1.Invincible(Adj): too strong to be defeated
Synonyms- indomitable, irresistible
use- What invincible pride there was in the man's very surrender.

2.Sanity(N): health of mind soundness of judgment
Synonyms- prudence, normality
use-I really believe you have saved the sanity of my friend Went worth.
3.Infuriate(V): fill with fury or rage
Synonyms- aggravate, exasperate
use-It appears that she had lost her temper and tried her best to infuriate him.

4.Colloquial(Adj): involving or using conversation.
Synonyms- conversational, vernacular
use- In this way he acquired a colloquial knowledge of that language.

5.Edify(V): instruct
Synonyms- uplift, enlighten
use- Its aim is not to instruct, not to edify, but to awaken an emotion.

6.Recuperate(V): become strong after illness loss exhaustion
Synonyms-heal, mend
use-The dogs were in need of a rest to recuperate for the next chase.

7.Vivacious(Adj):lively high-spirited
Synonyms- animate, cheerful
use-They are useful, good-looking, piquant, tasteful and vivacious.

8.Permeate(V): spread into every part of
Synonyms- penetrate, infuse
use-It does not seem, like London smoke, to permeate and blend with the air.

9.Enigma(N):something that is puzzling
Synonyms- bewilderment, crux
use-The enigma is only made clear by sacrifice, and the gift of heaven is in the hands of every man.

10.Boisterous(Adj): noisy; restraint
Synonyms- clamorous, strident
use-Not that  I was boisterous, perhaps, but surely always the gentleman.

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