Daily Wordlist

1. Capacious(Adj): spacious
Synonyms- comfortable, commodious
use- She shook the capacious fluttering folds and handed it to its owner.

2. Exhaustive(Adj): complete and thorough
Synonyms- extensive, in-depth
use-It was a thorough, exhaustive, orderly code of rules and regulations

3. Ludicrous(Adj): ridiculous
Synonyms- fantastic, bizarre
use- The idea was so romantically ludicrous that she giggled.

4. Exonerates(V): removes blame
Synonyms- absolve, acquit
use- I want to get to the truth, and any truth which exonerates you will be very welcome to me.

5. Tumult(N): uproar
Synonyms- commotion, pandemonium
use- Here the tumult of mingled emotion subsided in a flood of tears.

6. Carping(Adj): constant criticism
Synonyms- disparaging, griping
use- You can hear the carping critic at any time that you may wish!

7. Lukewarm(Adj): unenthusiastic
Synonyms- tepid, warm
use- Have ready some water, rather more than lukewarm, but not hot.

8. Despondent(Adj): having no hope
Synonyms- dejected, discouraged
use- He's always rather low and despondent when he's wanting his victuals.

9. Expedite(V): make faster
Synonyms- facilitate, promote
use- To expedite this proceeding we got another hawser carried on shore.

10. Sardonic(Adj): mocking
Synonyms- acerbic, caustic
use- The Doctor grinned at her with sardonic enjoyment of her predicament.

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