Daily Wordlist

1. Pallid(Adj): Pale
synonyms- anemic,feeble
use- His pallid, thin face was set in an aspect of grieved wonder.

2. Palpable(Adj): clear
synonyms- certain, evident
use- A palpable success here for either side must go far to decide the issue of the war.

3. Scrupulous(Adj): extremely careful
synonyms- honest, meticulous
use- Everything was managed with scrupulous formality and courtesy.

4. Extraneous(Adj): irrevelant
synonyms- incidental, nonessential
use- He is not conscious of closing his mind to extraneous knowledge.

5. Scuttle(V): destroy
synonyms- abandon, sink
use- A scuttle in the deck of a steamer to admit fuel for the engine.

6. Digress(V): deviate
synonyms- meander, depart
use- I will digress a bit and explain how these stone-quarries were discovered.

7. Chicanery(N): deception
synonyms- dishonesty, stratagem
use- In a world of chicanery and treachery the sword alone cut clean.

8. Profanity(N): foul language
synonyms- obscentiy, abuse
use- I rejoined with some severity, for I have never held with profanity.

9. Upshot(N): end result
synonyms- afereffects, gist
use- The upshot of his rough life is, that he becomes a true Christian.

10. Unwitting(Adj): without fully realizing
synonyms- forgetful, inadvertant
use- It is impossible for a publisher to make an " unwitting " affidavit of that sort.

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