Daily Wordlist

1.Apposite(Adj): pertinent
synonyms-germane, suitable
use-Even Balder made remarks which seemed to be regarded as apposite.

2.Efficacy(N): productiveness
synonyms-adequacy, potency
use-The efficacy of the coming system was nowhere felt at first.

3.Dissonance(N): disagreement
synonyms-disparity, conflict
use-Dissonance arises from the divergence of one of these agents.

4.Esoteric(Adj): obscure
synonyms-mysterious, arcane
use-It is difficult for the uninitiated to arrive at the esoteric meaning of these writings.

5.Resilience(N): elasticity
synonyms-flexibility, recoil
use-America honors the strength and resilience of the people of this region.

6.Reconnaissance(N):examination or survey conducted in advance
synonyms-investigation, exporation
use-It was already dusk when we returned from the reconnaissance.

7.Quack(Adj): counterfeit
synonyms-fake, pseudo
use-The Cardinal sent an intimation that he would like to see the quack.

8.Tarnished(V): corrupt
synonyms-damage, defame
use-To fail him in these ways would have tarnished her opinion of herself.

9.Burlesque(Adj):comic play
synonyms-mock, caricatural
use-Burlesque of character and calling puts in an occasional appearance.

10.Eschew(V): having nothing to do with
synonyms-abandon, forgo
use-We will eschew marriage; we will be nuns in the true sense of the word.

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