Daily Wordlist

1.Abrasion(N): process of scraping or rubbing 
Synonyms- scrape, chafe
use-Her works are much injured by scaling or the abrasion of the colors.

2.Expatiate(V): speak or write at great length
Synonyms- enlarge, develop
use-It cannot be necessary to expatiate at all upon the nature of the offence.

3.Abeyance(N): state of inactivity; disuse
Synonyms- dormancy, latency
use-Due to budget cuts, employer contributions to retirement accounts are being put in abeyance.

4.Dissemble(V): avoid the truth
Synonyms- camouflage, falsify
use-He had meant to wait; but, with his keen eyes on her, she could not dissemble.

5.Errant(adj): deviate
Synonyms- stray, meander
use-Burns smiled as a king might upon a young knight seeking an errant.

6.Hegemony(N): political domination
Synonyms- authority, command
use- With the dynasty of the Omayyads the hegemony passes finally from Syria to Iraq.

7.Malign(adj): slander
Synonyms- antagonistic, baleful
use-His atmosphere is malign ; his presence breathes treason towards England.

8.Enlist(v): sign up for responsibiltiy
Synonyms- engage, assign
use-We are with them when they enlist in the great army of freedom.

9.Demarcate(v): differentiate
Synonyms- detach, mark off
use-General xiu and he proposed to demarcate south of the Taiping.

10.Diffident(Adj): hesitant
Synonyms- bashful, unassuming
use-The diffident took heart before her, and the presumptuous were checked.

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