Computer Compendium For Clerk Mains

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to present the Computer Compendium hat will help you for Clerk Mains. This compendium is composed of 100 questions and these questions are most important ones as per IBPS Clerk Mains. The compendium has been provided by one of the experienced faculty of Career Power, Akshaya Sir. Thank you sir for sharing the knowledge with us. We are also attaching the link of Computer Capsule launched at the tim of IBPS PO Mains if you want to start it all over again. Computer is one of the section where the number of questions are limited and IBPS ask the same question but with a new statement. So everything remains same and you will be able to score good with this capsule. IBPS asked few tough question at the time of PO Mains. But this will not be the case with Clerk Mains. Whenever IBPS experimented anything, it was on PO. Clerk pattern was always same and will remain same.

Click On The Below Image To Download The Computer Compendium

Click On The Below Image To Download The Computer Capsule (PO)

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