Current Affairs based on "The Hindu"

1. With which country, India agreed to take the civil nuclear deal forward but conceded that a lot of technical discussions remain incomplete?
Answer. Japan

2. Name the PM of Japan who was recently on visit to India.
Answer. Shinzo Abe

3. Setting the stage for global climate action, the outcome text of the ambitious Paris Climate Agreement set a binding how much degree Celsius target for rise in global temperature?
Answer. 2 degree

4. Who is the President of CoP21?
Answer. Laurent Fabius

5. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has proposed up to how much amount as equity in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) under Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC) project?
Answer. Rs. 3,000 crores

6. Where is the Southern Zonal Council meet held recently?
Answer. Vijayawada

7. What is the full form of JICA?
Answer. Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA)

8. Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., has agreed to buy which Hong Kong’s flagship English-language newspaper recently?
Answer. The South China Morning Post

9. India with which country signed an agreement to amend the convention for double taxation avoidance and prevention of evasion of income tax?
Answer. Japan

10. The sixth edition of the World Twenty-20 Championships will be held from March 8 to April 3, 2016 in which country this year?
Answer. India

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