Current Affairs Quiz

Q1.Who became first female jockey to win Melbourne Cup, Australia's most prestigious Thoroughbred horse races?
1) Rajeev Payne
2) Prashant Payne
3) Michelle Payne
4) Meena Payne
5) None of these

Q2.The Exile- a novel based on the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh,authored by?
1) Navtej Singh Sarna
2) Kapil Sibbal
3) Umang Kumar
4) Rajesh Pal
5) None of these

Q3.Which states Govt. recently launched "APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojna", for pregnant and lactating women in the tribal areas of the state?
1) Punjab
2) Delhi
3) Maharashtra
4) U.P.
5) None of these

Q4.Which Indian Railway Stations became the first blind-friendly Railway Station in India?
1) Kesare 
2) Mysuru
3) Halalu
4) Gurur
5) None of these

Q5.A rare tropical Cyclone Chapala has slammed into which country triggering heavy flooding and causing damage in coastal region? 
1) Yemen
2) Malta
3) Moscow
4) Russia
5) None of these

Q6.Veteran cricketer Shoaib Malik, who made a spectacular comeback into the Test squad after five years, has announced retirement from the longest format of the game, is from which country?
1) South Africa 
2) Afghanistan 
3) England
4) Pakistan 
5) None of these.

Q7.Inzamamul Haq, has been roped in as the Afghanistan coach for a two-year period. He is from which country?
1) Sri-Lanka
2) South-Africa
3) Pakistan
4) Bangladesh 
5) None of these

Q8.Which company, under its ‘Project Loon’, is using big balloons floating at a height of 20 kilometers above earth surface for transmission of Internet services? 
1) IBM
2) Infosys
3) Google
4) TCS
5) None of these.

Q9.US-based social networking giant Facebook recently partnered with which telecomm company to create 100 WiFi hotspots in rural areas of western and southern India?
3) Vodafone
4) Airtel 
5) None of these.

Q10.Mysuru Railway Station (Karnataka, India) became the first blind-friendly Railway Station in India. Which NGO (a Non – Governmental Organisation) assisted the railways in making Mysuru railway station blind-friendly?
1) Anuprayaas 
2) Bachapan Bachao
3) Child Rights & you
4) Goonj
5) None of these

Q11.To recognise the spirit of the persons with disabilities, first international film festival for the persons with disabilities (IFFPD) recently held at which place?
1) Hyderabad
2) Jaipur
3) Pune
4) Delhi
5) None of these

Q12.Mana Patel and Virdhawal Khade emerged as the best swimmers of the 69th senior National Aquatic Championships 2015. This championship recently concluded at which place?
1) Kota (Rajasthan)
2) Lucknow (U.P.)
3) Rajkot (Gujarat)
4) Pune (Maharashtra)
5) None of these

Q13.Which language became the third most common language in Parliament of Canada recently?
1) Hindi 
2) Punjabi
3) Telgu
4) Sanskrit 
5) None of these

Q14.An Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Arinjay was on 1 November 2015 commissioned at which place?
1) Vishakhapatnam
2) Mumbai
3) Kochi 
4) Port of Kolkata 
5) None of these

Q15.National Tribal Crafts Mela Aadishilp-2015 recently held at which place?
1) Hyderabad
2) Lucknow
3) New Delhi
4) Jaipur
5) None of these.

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