Daily wordlist

1.Discernment (N) : perception
synonyms- acumen, understanding
use-Tact is skill in touching; nice perception or discernment in dealing with others.

2. Narcissism (N) : egotism
synonyms- arrogance, selfishness
use-Narcissism is a result of stunted growth and of childhood abuse.

3. Mutiny(N): resistance
synonyms- defiance, insurrection
use-This was a clear case of mutiny, and the only one in which I was ever implicated.

4. Sabotage(N): damage
synonyms- vandalism, disruption
use-The sabotage of the Preliminary had been the first local step in that direction.

5. Protrude(V): stick out
synonyms- extrude, extend
use-She had no flesh left; her bones seemed to protrude through the skin.

6. Recede(V): withdraw
synonyms- abate, regress
use- The Cabinet will recede more and more from our principles, our party.

7. Wanton(Adj): extravagant
synonyms-  lustful, outrageous
use-Between 1868 and 1872 they added ten millions by wanton extravagance to the State debt.

8. Nullify(V): cancel
synonyms-  revoke, abolish
use-Fortunately, the attempt to nullify its benefits proved ineffectual.

9. Align(V): line up
synonyms-  array, adjust
use-Similar instruction is given the troopers in aligning themselves to the left.

10. Grapple(V): grab
synonyms-  confront, cope
use-Every blood-vessel was striving to grapple with the present.

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