Daily wordlist

synonyms- dishonor, degradation
use-The demotion did not abase his credibility with his peers.

synonyms- probable, credible
use-She stammered, and I realized that she had no plausible plan.

synonyms- glaring, conspicuous
use-There are a number of others, but these are some of the most blatant.

synonyms- abandon, revoke
use-He glared at them, half inclined to return them and repudiate responsibility.

synonyms- plenty, profusion
use-Taxation is necessary just as blood-letting is necessary in plethora.

synonyms- bitter, pathetic
use-It was too poignant, too deep-seated in the springs of her physical being.

7.Obsequious(Adj)- submissive
synonyms- abject, beggarly
use-With a flattering and obsequious bow our guide leads the way.

synonyms- applause, flattery
use-Through all this adulation Franklin passed serenely, if not unconsciously.

9.Odious(Adj)- hateful
synonyms- loathsome, abhorrent
use-The chief had come forward with that odious smiling face of his.

synonyms- amiable, gracious
use-They are affable, charming companions, and give in readily to the wishes of others.

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