Daily Wordlist

synonyms-blame, encumbrance
use-It was clear that the onus of further speech was to rest with him.

synonyms-hyperbole, oratory
use-It seems to us that you are yielding to rhetoric a little, aren't you?

3.Retaliatory(V)-get even with someone
synonyms- reciprocate, recompense
use-The natives, on the other hand, had not been slow to retaliate.

synonyms- approaching, imminent
use-The moment of chance had been looming on the horizon for months.

synonyms- enthusiastic, buoyant
use-He emerged as the focus of interest for a large, exuberant crowd of loiterers.

6.Expedited(V)- make happen faster
synonyms- hasten, facilitate
use-A rumour of the King's having arrived in London expedited her resolves.

synonyms- pain, affliction
use-The government admitted the distress, but denied that it was increasing.

synonyms- deterioration, inadequacy
use-There's many a man lived to regret ever dreaming of insolvency.

synonyms- baffled,caught
use-They found that all the horses in the stable were saddled and bridled for use.

synonyms- overall,throughout
use-He had plunged down the path beneath the overarching clematis.

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