Dear BA'ians,

A lot of times we come across students who face a constant struggle with English!I Actually English is not a very difficult language especially for us Indians  since we have had our schooling and college in English.  The best part is that we know how to read and write-. Its like half battle won!

Why is it that many of you are so scared?  Do you really think that having a fluent English and being good in English is really a distant dream for all ?


Am sure you are all aware of the phrase "ENGLISH IS A FUNNY LANGUAGE",

Many fear the language, not just in the exam but even in real life.

I often see students complaining about failing in this subject, making a mountain out of a mole hill . 

See English is like any other language and requires constant efforts from your end to gain mastery over this subject.

Following are the tips to gain a good command over the subject not just for exams but for life too:

1) No matter what read every day-this tip might seem clenched and repetitive but works wonders if you do it on a regular basis. Can be anything from books, newspapers, novels, etc ,If done regularly, slowly the application of the language gets fixed in your memory. Your subconscious mind will start memorizing the pattern and usages of grammar, so much so that without having to recollect the rules you will be able to differentiate wrong from the right English.

2) Next you should read at least one editorial passage loudly, and make sure you write it down. Again this works wonders in gaining a command over the language. Writing down things works like engravings on the mind. So even if it is small passage, do write something atleast.

3)Last but not the least, do not fear speaking the language, speak with confidence even if you say it wrong. Only when you speak English will you know where you are going wrong,Your subconscious will tell you when you go wrong. Supplement this with watching English channels or English movies.

See English is very much like mental maths, the more you use it the better you will get. 
So keep all your fears for the language at bay, and embrace it like a beautiful goal rather a ticket to a lot of benefits in life.

Keep practicing till you gain mastery! Trust me it is not impossible

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