IBPS CLERK PRE: Make it happen- Last minute tips

Dear BA'ians,

All the very best to you for your exam. 

We know you all have worked hard day and night burning midnight oil towards your dreams and now to give a final touch to your state of mind, and a Boost to your preparation, we present to you some last minute tips that will give you a head start before you step into the Examination Battle.

With goal in sight and the level of preparation that you all have done, we are sure that some of you are very excited, some nervous and some anxious. Well whatever bracket you fall into, do not stop your preparations,  We are aware that a lot of you are quite confident having cleared the pre once, and some of you nervous because of facing failure once. Well no matter where you stand right now in terms of your preparation right now, just have complete faith in your self, and go ahead with full confidence and strategy in place.

1) Giving Up Or Thinking About Success Or Failure Is Not The Solution:

Just a few hours away from the exam, Many of you are surely in need of some more days for your preparation, but no matter how well or under prepared you might be, now is not the time for being in doubt or being under confident . Do not waste your time and energy thinking about whether you will pass or not, as it will be of no use right now and will only give rise to chain of negative thoughts at this hour of importance. You will only end up losing your focus and disturbing your peace of mind. So just relax, make a strategy for your exams as to what section to do first and how much time to allot to each section .
It’s you that can drive the exam not the exam itself. If you know how to utilize the time efficiently, then you can drive each section of the exam in a better way and in the right direction which will lead to victory.

2) Do Not Let Others Preparation Affect You Negatively:

Well we know that you all like discussing as to how much your friends have done or as to how well they will fare in the exams, yes healthy competition is always good. But if you will let that comparison affect you negatively, by dampening your spirit and confidence, well then stay away. You cannot afford to let any kind of negativity from your own thoughts affect you.

Be like a horse with blinkers who only focuses on the path he is on

3) Stay Away form EGO During your exam:

Remember friends, these exams are not just a test of your knowledge, but also a test of your smart work, time management and accuracy. So do not get attached to any questions during the 1 hour exam, If you feel that a particular question is taking more time than required, better leave it and move to the next question. The art of leaving a time consuming and difficult question( no matter how well versed you are with the concept and topic) is what is going to get you to a better and easier question. Remember you are not meant to do all the 100 questions given in the exam, rather supposed to do maximum number of questions in the shortest time possible and that to accurately.

4) Plan your exam section wise:

Planning is always important before an exam. Without planning, scattered things can just trigger the buzzer of nervousness and tension in the exam. Plan section wise according to your strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly attempt your different sections orderly.Have a strategy similar to that given below:

English Language – 30 Questions-time taken 12-15 mins
Quantitative Apt   – 35 Questions- time taken 25-30 mins
Reasoning Ability   – 35 Questions-time taken-20-25 mins

Mange your time properly, don't think about the number of attempts and cut-offs just before and doing the exam.

5) English can actually prove to be your Saving glory:

Yes we are well aware of a lot of students aversion to this subject. but let us tell you a secret, with smart work and good strategy you can actually manage to clear the cutoff quite easily. Remember whatever we share under this point is with special focus on weaker students of English.

A. First things first, attempt only those questions about which you are 100% certain, stay away from guess work no matter what.

B. Most of you are confused whether to attempt the RC or not. Well RC can actually be your saving glory in the exams, as it does not require any grammar rules or guess work, all you need to do is to look for the answers. Now two RCs are expected in the exams, well you obviously cannot read two long passages due to lack of time.
So what do you do? Well read one question and then search for the answer quickly, looking for similar words in the paragraphs. But make sure you do it really quickly. Once you get the needed lines of the answer in the RC, then compare it with the options given in the question.
If you are unable to locate an answer then move to the next question, but do not get stuck on any question!! Using this method you will be able to attempt both RC in a short span of time and it will help you score well .too
This method seems odd, but works beautifully in the exams. You still have time before the exams, try it at home as an experiment to see it works for you.
Also stay away from questions like what is the authors view in this passage, or what is the author trying to say, as these questions are usually quite controversial.

6) Make sure you enjoy the exam:

No matter how good or bad your preparation has been, but when you enter the examination room, just forget all about success or failure, about what would people have to say, how the exam would be, etc, basically all those thought that will take your focus and your peace of mind away. Just think about your strategy, and make sure you give it your best to each section within  the stipulated time frame,
Do not forget to enjoy the process of taking the exam, this way you will forget about the tension and uncertainty that you might be having.
Make the 60 minutes the most special moment of the day, enjoying thoroughly with full FOCUS!!

Being positive, if you have a proper plan and strategy towards the exam, time management, a good practice sessions, and yes of course not thinking about the Cut-offs, you can convert your weaknesses into strengths and drive the way to your success, finally we all here strive for success at every step of life.

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