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We are presenting you the article based on the recent notification of Specialist Officer released by the IBPS. After reading this article, a lot of doubts regarding the same will get cleared and you will be able to understand the basic duties preformed by the same.
Most of you have two ways to enter into the banking industries. If we talk about the first preference then it will be of Officer Level and the other is Assistant level(Clerical). And I am sure that anyone would like to opt for Officer Level. In officer level as well, we have ProbationaryOfficer/Management Trainee and Specialist Officer. The result of PO exam is already out and the the exam for the specialist officer will be in the month of January. Just get ready for the fierce competition in Specialist Officer exam that you are going to appear because unlike PO, here the number of seats will be less but rest will remain similar.

This article is dedicated to the IT Officer. In fact you all might have understood the role of IT Officer as the name itself suggests. So friends, IT Officer is someone who will take care of the IT Operations of the bank. It is considered as one of the challenging jobs in banking sector and the best part of this job is that in this, there will be no public dealing. The IT Officer will need to take care of all issues related to software, hardware, servers, database, networking etc. In short, he will be doing all the tasks related to IT.
But the question remain intact that how to get selected? Now the time has gone when people used to say that go for hard work. Now is the time when you have to adopt and implement smart work tactics. And to do that you have to be well versed with the syllabus of the IT Officerexam. Below are the detailed syllabus for the IT Officer exam.

1. Data Base Management System (DBMS) – 15-20 Questions
Overview of SQL queries
E- R Diagrams
Transaction Management

2. Data Communication & Networking – 10-15 Questions
Network Architecture
OSI Model
TCP-IP Model
Data Communication
IP Addressing (Subnetting)

3. Operating System – 4-5 Questions
Types of OS
Dead Lock
Memory Partitioning
Page Replacement

4. Computer organization + Hardware (Microprocessor ) – 4-5 Questions
Bus Structure

5. Network Security – 2 – 3 Questions
Cyber Crimes
Risk Management

6. Software Engineering – 2 – 3 Questions
Software Development life cycle (SDLC)
Software Development Models

7. Data Structures – 3 – 4 Questions
Linked List

8. Web Technologies – 1-2 Questions
Network Security

9. Programming Languages (BASIC)  – 1-2 Questions
C, C++
OOP (Objected oriented Programming)

Friends, for Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude you can practice daily quizzes but for professional knowledge, you will have to refer your syllabus books and previous year practice papers. This is the only way you can have an edge. In fact, you can practice online speed tests regularly before the exam. Last year the paper was a bit difficult and students have struggled to achieve the marks. And the trend will be the same this year as well. Well we will have to wait till the time IBPS open their cards. But whatever is in your hand, just make sure you don’t lose it.

Unreserved Category Cut-Off (Out of 50)
Quantitative Aptitude
Professional Knowledge
Overall Cut-Off

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