Dear BA'ians,

With interviews fast approaching, only a few days to go before they start, we bring to you a compilation of posts from Bankers Adda, that cover almost all the above topics , readying you for the interviews in the coming week:

There are various aspects that are likely to be covered in an interview, namely:

  • About you 
  • Knowledge related to your qualification
  • General Awareness
  • Banking Concepts
So follow the posts below to give your interview preparation a ZING, confidence and positivity to face your Interviews. We will keep updating this room on a daily basis.
I) BA Interview Rooms: A collection of all the important articles based on current affair issues, banking terms, and much more

1) BA Interview Room Part-1 

2) BA Interview Room Part-2

3) BA Interview Room Part-3

4) BA Interview Room Part-4

5) BA Interview Room Part-5

6) BA Interview Room Part-6

7) BA Interview Room Part -7

II) BA Interview Zing: A holistic collection of tips and answers to various situations faced by a student during an interview.

1) INTERVIEW ZING FOR PO: An Introduction

2) INTERVIEW ZING FOR PO: Body Language and Presentation

3) INTERVIEW ZING FOR PO: Some Introductory And Commonly Asked Questions

4) INTERVIEW ZING FOR PO: Questions Related To Your Qualifications

5) INTERVIEW ZING FOR PO: Frequently Asked Questions

6) Interview Zing For PO: Frequently Asked Questions Part-2

7) Interview Zing For PO: Why Banking As A Profession

8) Sunday Special: Marathon on Interview Preparation

III) BA Interview Capsule:A holistic compilation of expected questions, situations that a student might face during an interview. Also covers the expected Banking terms and concepts.

1) IBPS PO & Clerk 2015: Interview Capsule

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