Current Affairs based on "The Hindu"

1. Name the scientist who was the explorer of artificial intelligence work, that helped inspire the creation of the personal computer and the Internet, died?

2. Name the National award-winning Malayalam actor who died recently who won the won the national award the best actor in a supporting role in the film Njaan Thanichalla (2012)?

3. Who was awarded the Technical Achievement Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year with J Robert Ray and Sam Richards?

4. Name the Veteran actor who was honoured with the Yash Chopra Memorial Award for her contribution to the film industry?

5. Who is the Five-time world champion who is all set to compete in an open tournament for the first time in 23 years when he takes his seat opposite Hungarian International Master?

6. Name the Two FinTech start-ups, who have been selected by the peers in December to receive $50,000 each in investment from Village Capital and co-investment partner Asha Impact?

7. Name the Infosys co-founder who has stepped in as a strategic investor in Power2SME, an online buying platform for small and medium businesses?

8. Which company will divest 23.3 per cent shareholding in its Insurance Company to its joint venture partner Munich Re of Germany for Rs.163.5 crore?

9. The Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has put India at which rank out of 168 countries in its latest Corruption Perception Index?

10. Film-maker Suhaib Illyasi claimed that the music launch of his film Ghar Wapsi by which famous ghazal singer has been cancelled after there was no confirmation from Maharashtra government that it will provide security for the programme?


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