Daily wordlist

synonyms-assumption, hypothesis
use-We may therefore begin by claiming this presumption in their favour.

use-Unless we help them they must abandon their homes, their all.

synonyms-killed, murdered
use-Who could have slain our little sister whom we loved so much?

synonyms-lurch, wobble
use-They were uninjured, however; so he once more attempted to stagger on.

5.Inflict(V)-impose something
synonyms-exact, dispense
use-But they had no power under the Roman government to inflict the death penalty.

6.Strive(V)-try for
synonyms-aim, contend
use-Something to strive for we demand, even at the risk of bereavement.

synonyms-block, daunt
use-Yet you see this did not deter her from entrusting her fortune to you.

8.Persuade(V)-convince to do
synonyms-advise, assure
use-But by what means could He persuade the people that He was their King?

synonyms-depravity, horror
use-These chaps seemed to value a man by the enormity and number of his crimes.

10.Perseverance(N)-hard work
use-Almost any job can be shaken off in time and with perseverance.

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