Daily Wordlist

1.Vow(n)-make a solemn promise
synonyms-affirm, assure
use-I vowed the captain was no friend of mine; yet I believed him honest.

2.muddle(N)-confused state
synonyms-chaos, daze
use-I've tried to write verses myself, but I always get into a muddle, and give it up.

3.Propaganda(N)-information that is designed to mislead or persuade
synonyms-hype, disinformation
use-Precisely what this propaganda accomplished is very difficult to estimate.

synonyms-bellicose, belligerent
use-They made many mistakes; they were combative, often difficult to deal with.

5.Revoke(V)-take back
synonyms-abolish, quash
use-"It's not too late to revoke my opinion," said she, passionately.

synonyms-break, halt
use-Their suspension of the penalties for Nonconformity was denounced.

synonyms-consequential, considerable
use-The only substantial food at table was a great dish of game.

synonyms-gainful, profitable
use-By what law is the rate of these remunerative services established?

synonyms-argue, brainstorm
use-The eleventh section simply assumes to confer discretionary power upon the executive.

synonyms-ambush, deflect
use-He moved to the edge of the table as though to intercept her.

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