Daily Wordlist

synonyms-apartheid, isolation
use-The inference was clear that segregation was not only normal but best.

2.Ransacked(V)-turn inside out in search
synonyms-pillage, explore
use-They will ransack the entire boat; but they won't find you down there.

use-As an island we may be, or should be, free from serious danger of invasion.

4.Reassert(V)-make known clearly
synonyms-acknowledge, maintain
use-But by degrees the evil spirits in some of the party began to reassert their power.

use-I shall be happy, on every occasion, to evince my regard for the Fraternity.

synonyms-antagonist, competitor
use-He tried to imagine the combat, his own attitude, and the position of his adversary.

7.Recrimination(N)-charge of wrongdoing
synonyms-allegation, denunciation
use-There is one case I must observe to you in which recrimination has peculiar poignancy.

synonyms-encompass, involve
use-It follows that the slightest check might entail a serious disaster.

9.Atavism(N)-return to a former state
synonyms-lapse, backsliding
use-I used the word ' atavism ' to mean a reversion to the primitive.

10.Distrust(N)-lack of faith in something
use-Also, she had brought her niece up to hate and distrust them.

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