Daily wordlist: LIC AAO

1. Intrinsic(Adj)-  basic
synonyms- innate, elemental
use- As in other minerals, value has both its intrinsic and extrinsic elements.

2. Altruistic(Adj)- unselfish
synonyms- humanitarian, benevolent
use- In no respect was it more so than in the genesis of the altruistic emotions.

3. Adhere(V)- conform to
synonyms- comply, observe
use- Stir frequently to prevent the macaroni from adhering to the bottom.

4. Frailty(N)- weakness
synonyms- defect, imperfection
use- The interval was passed with the young lady of frailty and beauty.

5. Waiver(N)- giving up
synonyms- remission, refusal
use- She implored a waiver of the forfeiture in her and young Walter's favour.

6. Generals(N)- administration
synonyms- board, committee
use- On the 22nd the action languished and the generals consulted.

7. Amicable(Adj)- Friendly
synonyms- cordial, peaceful
use- The two positions were abandoned, and the Committee separated on amicable terms.

8. Strayed(Adj)- wandered
synonyms- roam, vagrant
use- During the day, the cattle, in feeding, had strayed to some distance over the plain.

9. Swoop(V)- descend quickly
synonyms- fall, plunge
use- I swiftly jerked the elevator for a swoop up as a rifle cracked.

10. Exuberant(Adj)- energetic
synonyms- animated, lively
use- He had secured the ransom and fairly smiled with exuberant joy.

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