Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,

Here is the Daily Word list for you to improve your verbal as well as your written English. Now a days Level of English section has been increased in Competitive Exam and same will be followed  in  LIC AAO and other upcoming Banking Exams. So learn these words and try to use them in your day to day lives, starting now down below in the comments section.

1. Jilted (Adj)- left
synonyms- neglected, deserted
use- A year after his lady-love had jilted him he received a letter from her in England.

2. Undulating(Adj)- wavy
synonyms- rolling, undulant
use- The surrounding country is undulating and highly picturesque.

3. Contemplate(V)- think about seriously
synonyms- ponder, envisage
use- Those who contemplate building should not fail to subscribe.

4. Perpetuate(V)- keep going
synonyms- maintain, preserve
use- He could not continue to perpetuate such an absurdity as that title.

5. Impair(V)- harm
synonyms- blunt, debilitate
use- It did not in the least impair his value as a soldier or commanding officer.

6. Predicament(N)- Difficult situation
synonyms- crisis, imbroglio
use- For safety, the climbers had in their predicament nothing to fear.

7. Chaos(N)- utter confusion
synonyms- anarchy, pandemonium
use- Even in the chaos of my thoughts, I wondered, dully, at their extraordinary shapes.

8. Avaricious(Adj)- greedy
synonyms- covetous, hoarding
use- He is depicted in his declining years, as arbitrary, crabbed and avaricious.

9. Delinquent(Adj)- defaulting
synonyms- offending, overdue
use- A study of the delinquent wards of the Juvenile Court of Mumbai.

10. Trajectory(N)- Course
synonyms- curve, direction
use- But the rest of his mind tried to imagine such a trajectory.

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