Daily Wordlist

1. commensurate (adj) : equivalent, parallel , quality , importance.
synonyms: comparable, .Tantamount
use- If he resigned it would be commensurate to admitting that he was guilty.

2. riposte (n): a quick and clever reply especially to criticism 
synonyms: retort , response
use- Mohan gave  valid riposte to the manager

3. Equivocate (v speech) : Hide the truth.
synonyms: indecision ,  uncertainty
use- Ram equivocate the events of his past life .

4. penurious(adj) : very good  
synonyms:  detitute, pennile
use- She has  penurious condition since 2015.

5.meander (v) : walk slowely and change direction often , change subject often.
synonyms: deviate, stray
use- Kosi river often made meander.

6. baleful (adj) : to hurt , threatening to do evil
synonyms : malign , slander
use - The teacher baleful glare frightened the children.

7. vitriolic (adj) : filled with bitter criticism or malice.
synonyms : acrimonious, rancorous, bitter 
use - vitriolic attacks on the terrorist. 

8. trenchant (adj) : vigorous or incisive in expression or style
synonyms : penetrating, sharp, keen, acute
use- The times were felt to require ... trenchant distinctions between good and bad, right and wrong.

9 . exhilaration (n) : a feeling of excitement, happiness, or elation
synonyms : exultation, exaltation, joy, happiness, delight
use - Indian army felt exhilaration of wining kargil war.

10 .  soggy (adj) : very wet and soft.
synonyms : pappy, slushy, sloppy
uses : cotton is very soggy unlike wood.

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