Daily Wordlist

1.Detain(V): Keep back
synonyms-confine, apprehend
use-I need not detain you with a description of my voyage down Channel.

2.Stem(V): come from
synonyms-arise, proceed
use-I left them stemming the gulf stream with a beautiful breeze.

3.Flurry(N): burst
synonyms- outbreak, agitation
use-At last, when she had somewhat recovered from her flurry, she called to Grunty.

4.Resumption(N): renewal
synonyms- continuation, restoration
use-The arrival of the children and the resumption of his duties for a time diverted him

5.Fence(N): barrier used to enclose a piece of land
synonyms- block, railing
use-He could lean on the fence and pull at his pipe to his heart's content.

6.Dispel(V): drive away thought
synonyms- dismiss, resolve
use-These notions the travellers did not deem it advisable to dispel.

7.Whisk(V): brush quickly
synonyms- hurry, dart
use-He whisked through the hole spryly and was back again in no time.

8.Diaspora(N):the spreading out of a group of people
synonyms-exodus, dispersion
use-But the Diaspora was by no means confined to these three centres.

9.Intrusion(N): interruption
synonyms-incursion, invasion
use-Then we shall see how far you can justify such an intrusion.

10.Berthing(V): hold
synonyms-attach, secure
use-The berthing made to fit into a vessel's gangway on either side.

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