Daily Wordlist

1. Inflammatory(Adj)- instigative
synonyms-angering, demagogic
use- Almost every article produced the most inflammatory disputes.

2. Instigate(V)- influence
synonyms-abet, prompt
use- The bards have ever been foremost in instigating insurrections in Wales.

3. Indictment(N)- allegation
synonyms- detention, prosecution
use- Suffice it to say, that there were several counts in his indictment.

4. Envisaged(V)- picture in one's mind
synonyms- conceive, externalize
use- I envisaged then this tiny Moon-crater, the scene of this battle we were waging.

5. Scathing(Adj)- critical in remarks
synonyms- caustic, mordant
use- Scathing as some of the portraits are, the writer is by no means merely cynical.

6. Formidable(Adj)- horrible
synonyms- dangerous, dreadful
use- The fortifications were indeed of a most formidable character.

7. Ordnance(N)- munitions
synonyms- arms, bombs
use- Also, an old piece of ordnance throwing a ball of one or two pounds.

8. Fray(N)- fight
synonyms- battle, brawl
use- His father died suddenly, from a stab that he received in a fray.

9. Dissemination(N)- distribution
synonyms- circulation, diffusion
use- A dissemination of characteristics; moral and physical resemblance to his mother.

10. Provenance(N)- birthplace
synonyms- derivation, inception
use-Day after day I wondered about its provenance, but your letter dispels the  mystery.

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