All the best for IBPS PO V, IBPS Clerk V and IBPS SO Results: Few Hours to Go!

Well, wait is about to get over and soon you will be able to see the final results (along with allocations) of IBPS PO V, IBPS Clerk and IBPS Specialist Officers. As per the information with us, IBPS should declared the final result along with allocation of Probationary Officers, Clerical and Specialist Officer at around 9:00 AM tomorrow.

Well, we understand the feeling and anxiety, when you are waiting for such an important result of your life. People around you might tell you to relax and not worry, trying their best to comfort you but you are the one who will have to believe in yourself.

Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Sachin Tendulkar- all these people have had a real tough times with their share of struggle. What makes them successful? It is their determination and belief in their own abilities.

For starters, what’s done is done. Accept that you have given your exam and you cannot go back in time. Now, what ever is the outcome, you can not make any changes to it. Know your strengths and believe in them. You are bigger than any of the events happening in your life certainly bigger than something as getting into a PSU bank through IBPS.

Each of you are gem and carry infinite hidden potential. You are bound to be successful - today or tomorrow. No one can stop you. Face the result with full confidence. Tomorrow is going to be your day.

In case, unfortunately you are not selected in tomorrow results:
  • Whatever is the your result in IBPS Exam, do not take it as final verdict of your life. If, you get through, you still have to face the challenges of life and if you dont make it, there are still many other options.
  • There are more than 1000 career options available today and more than 100 exams for government jobs every year. There is no reason you should take this as end of the road.
  • You are precious. Hurting yourself in any way will just hurt your close ones- not to mention that it wouldn’t solve anything.
  • Pray, focus on good things and move forward. If you have the will, you will make your way!
  • This too shall pass – Although today seems very tough, 10 years down the line, you will look back and smile at this day. Ask seniors or elders who have been in your position about their experience.
We wish you all the best for the results. Always, believe that you can only put your best efforts, rest everything will be fine.

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