Current Affairs Based on "The Hindu"

1. The Health Ministry launched the country’s first, indigenous rotavirus vaccine to combat which disease?

2. Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha recently left for a four-day visit to which country during which key ongoing and future defence projects between the two countries will be discussed?

3. Name the Pakistani Prime Minister who will attend the fourth nuclear security summit in Washington?

4. Name the Global Catholic Network founder who died recenlty at the age of 92?

5. Who has been given the responsibility of guiding Delhi Daredevils in the ninth season of the IPL with the franchise naming him the captain of the side?

6. Indian Army signed a follow-on contract with which company which will supply an additional 619 units of its high-mobility vehicle (HMV) 6X6 multi-axle trucks for an unspecified amount?

7. Name the company which will hike its stake in AirAsia India to 49 per cent by acquiring additional shares from Arun Bhatia’s Telestra, which will be exiting the no-frills airline?

8. Tata Power’s Strategic Engineering Division with which university have signed an agreement to explore possibility of entering into a strategic partnership through research and development (R&D)?

9. The U.S. returned an ancient decapitated statue of Hindu god Rama stolen from which country during the South East Asian country’s civil war in the 70s?

10. Name the volcano on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands which erupted and sent ash 20,000 feet into the air?

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