Interview Experience

Andhra Bank Tirupati

Interview panel has 4 members M1,M2,F1,F2
May i come in mam
Good morning mam & sirs

M1: so u r relative of A.R.rahman as my name has rahman?
no sir

M1: which field he belongs to?

M1: Which is noble profession according 2 u (as my parents are teachers)?
I said teaching because they make doctors everyone(as he said to choose between teacher and doctor and he was fully satisfied with my answer)

M1: tell me main role of rbi?
apex body of banks

M1: what it will do?
It will ctrl inflation through monetary policy(he corrected as it is regulator of banKs)

M1: regulator of insurance?

M1: regulator of banks in US?
US Fed reserves

M1: who is head of it?
I said i dont know the answer

M1: who was rbi governor form ur region(mine is rayalaseema)?
1st I said duvvuri subbaro(he said he is just telugu person not from ur region)then i said YV Reddy
he said yes

M2: another person asked what is he now at present?
kept silent for sometime and then said he is chiarman of 14th FC

M2: then he asked his full name(YV Reddy)?
i said wrong(it is Y Venugopala Reddy)

M2: he asked about type of agriculture practiced in North Eastern Region?
I cant recollect and had a blank on my face(he said do u know about shifting cultivation)

M2: what is shifting cultivation?
It is just clearing a patch of land by burning trees and cultivating till it lots fertility and then moving to others

M2: what are nutrients present in soil?
I said humus(he has a face expression I cant even express) after sometime i said nitrogen(ya dats wat he said)

M2: He asked about someriverbed farming(as it is in news in amaravati region)?
I said I dont know

next mam asked about technical ques

F1: What is software project mgmt?

F1: What is software quality mgmt?

F1:what is i7 processor?
fumbled here

another mam was just asking banking terms

F2:what is SEBI full form and chairman?

F2:what is IRDA and chairman?
That it they said your interview is over and u may go
I said thank you to all and left

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