Computer Syllabus, Tips and Books (For All Bank Exams)

Well this section is quite scoring for most of the students appearing for the exam, most of them easily scoring 95-100%  score. For the others, it is a bone of contention, a major leakage in their goal towards clearing the exam.
Have you wondered why is this subject so important in these exams?
This is because,  today's official world is practically handicapped without computers, and only those who are well versed in using them are fit to enter it. So this section is put in to see if you know about the basics of computers or not, to test your inclination towards the subject. Also if not then just so that you gain a bit about computers before you join the job.
So all those who have been running away from this beautiful subject for what seems like forever. Well then time to stop and face your worst fears right in its eyes.
Trust us, once you face it you will realize what a waste all the running around had been. In today's time, knowing computers is nothing less that essential in any office. So go ahead and embrace this subject, make friends with it.
Now coming to the syllabus portion:
1) Number System
2) History Of Computers
3) Hardware
4) Software
5) Database ( introduction)
6) Communication (Basic Introduction)
7) Networking( LAN, WAN,)
8) Internet (Concept, History, working environment, Application)
9) Security Tools, Virus, Hacker
10) MS Windows, MS Office
11) Logic Gates
Books To Refer To: Lucent's Computer 

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