English Quiz For SBI Exam

Directions(1-10): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the statements. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning.

1.He _______ become a teacher if he had gone to College.
A .has
B. could have
C. should have
D. would have
E. will have

2.If I met the Narendra  Modi, I ______ say hello.
A. can
B. will
C. could
D. should
E. would

3. If I ____ perfect English, I would have a good job.
A. spoke
B. speak
C. will speak
D. should speak
E. would have spoke

4.What would you do if it ______  on your wedding day?
A. rained
B. will rain
C. would rain
D. should rain
E. could rain

5.If the baby  had slept better last night, I _____ so tired.
A. shouldn't have been
B. couldn't have been
C. could
D. wouldn't have been
E. would

6.Lots of people come if Anita_______ a party.
A. had
B. has
C. have
D. will
E. could

7.If I were you, I _______ go out with that girl.
A. wouldn't
B. shouldn't
C. couldn't
D. willn't
E. hasn't

8.Snakes bite if they _____ scared
A. was
B. would
C. are
D. could
E. has

9.We __________ late again if we bought a new car.
A. should
B. could
C. shouldn't be
D. couldn't be
E. wouldn't be

10.If I ___ him, I'll tell him.
A. have see
B. has see
C. see
D. saw
E. will see

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