GK Syllabus, Tips and Books( For All Bank Exams, SBI CLERK, NABARD)

Dear BA'ians,

You all aware about the importance of this beautiful subject. One of the most scoring of the lot and the least time consuming. Well not the same while preparing for it, takes a lot of time and will power to master the subject, yet does any one really master it? No, but you can surely get closer to getting full marks.

This subject though called General Awareness, but isn't really one subject. Rather a collaboration of 3 subjects in all i.e..

  • Banking
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK
Yes 3 subjects in all!

We will talk about all the 3 subjects in details below. But before that, we have a question for you. 


We are sure you all must have had this question in your mind out of anger and exasperation while spending hours trying to mug up names, places, nuclear power plants, etc.:):)

Let us explain to you. The answer mostly lies in the concept of Banking Industry as a whole. The whole economic environment both domestic and international, thrives on the Banking Industry. Almost all the new projects, Developments, Industries, research, etc( basically everything) needs funding. Majority of the funding comes from the banking industry. There is nothing that the banks do not fund, everything and anything is related to the banks in some way or the other. 

So an ideal banker needs to know what is happening around him, how banks work, what all industries, power plants, businesses might be profitable for his/her bank, and which will turn out as bad debtors. Banking industry is no joke, a lot of money rides on the shoulders of a bank head.

Now you are preparing yourself to foray into the banking industry, and most of you come from varied educational backgrounds. The banks are looking to employ their future Bank Managers,( in some cases heads of the entire Bank). So you need to know the basics about the banking world before you step in. Similarly it is very important for a banker to be updated with the happenings around the globe, so as to know how a particular decision by the Central banks of the world, or the Financial environment going to effect his/her bank. So dear friends all the knowledge that you cover by studying for this subject is going to come in handy in the future. 

Also the journey of studying GK will not end with these exams, as a banker, you will have to be constantly updated.

Now coming to the 3 subjects:


Topics covered:

1) Indian Banking Industry:
- History
- Role Of Banking
- Types Of Banks
- Functions Of Banks

2) RBI and Monetary Policy
- Main Functions
- Instruments
-Types Of Money
- BASEL Comittees
- Credit Rating Agencies
- Anti money Laundering
- Devaluation
- International Financial Institutions

3) Money Market in India
- Money Market Concepts
- FDI and FII
- Types Of Negotiable Instruments
- Types Of Cheques

4) Capital Market in India
- Primary Market
- Secondary Market
- Derivatives Market
- Over The Counter Market

5) Public Finance
- Concept of Budget
- Financial and Railway Budget
- Bills
- Schemes and policies implemented by Govt..
- Revenue Of Central Govt..
- Taxes On Income And Expenditure
- Revenue Deficit
- Finance Commissions

6) National Income
-Source Of Income
-Types Of Goods
-Some Macro Economic Indicators

7) Inflation

8) Economic Planning

Now dont you all get bogged down by the length of the syllabus, nobody expects you to do a thesis on the above mentioned topics, you should have a basic idea about them, mainly from the point of view of the interviews.

Books To Refer To: Books by Dhankar or Arihant

Refer to the following links for quizzes and notes:

Banking Awareness Quizzes

II) GK and Static: 
For this subject, be regular with reading the newspaper, learn 3 months of Gk prior to any exam. For NABARD make sure you know GK from the mionths Feb to April Atleast.

Keep yourself upto dated with BA and Current Affairs Adda, and you will be good to go

 Refer to the following topics for the exam
1. CAPITALS of countries
2. CURRENCY of countries
4.SPORTS FOOTBALL,HOCKEY etc recent events & SPORTS awards too
5. Important books & authors
6. IMPORTANT hydro power dams , atomic power plant s, important national parks
7. Minster & portfolio & constutiencs
8. Population census
9. Awards -films , national , BAFTA, GRAMMY, OSCAR, etc
10. Persons in news -DEATH , most famous ,popular recent only
11. Recent modi visits to other countries 
12. Recent Indian deals with other countries
13. Important dances & festivals of Indian states
14. International Head Quartes & world organisation
15. Important president & pm elected from various countries
16. Important about banks like payment banks , small banks & licence system
17. Science & technology , like defence & navy , Airforce , missiles 
18. Business news -- like which company largest , biggest most successful in market, top companies as per fortune
19. Recent central Govt schemes
20. Recent appointments -- foreign secretary , financial secretary , RAW, IB , etc..
21. Important stock exchanges & financial institutions
22. Important recent places popular in world 
23. Recent summits & places 
24. Most influential people , richest , top companies- by times , fortune etc
25. Important Bird sanctuaries
26. Important themes of events like world women day , ebola etc 
27. latest invention & discoveries in India & world & places & miss world , miss universe etc..
28. National news, International News
29. Important project started by modi -digital India , make in India , pmjdy , etc
30. Recent schemes started by banks -- child accounts , pockets , card less atms , contact atms etcc

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