The IBPS results might have left many of you, some of you might also have given up the hopes of getting success in life. If so, then this article is definitely going to help you in getting over this low and continue the journey towards success with zeal. If not, then again this article is going to help you keep the negativity spread by some DOOMSAYERS at bay. Obviously, success is not a piece of cake, you’ll have to work hard, push yourself hard in order to move an extra inch ahead. Such mind numbing toil it is! So, are you competent enough to go through this arduous process of transmogrification? Rather than answering this question with some rhetorical phrases and motivational quotes, I would like to introduce some of those, who have successfully answered this complex question with their firm actions.

The usage of the cumbersome adjectives which I have used above might have made you think that, in order to go through this so called process of ‘transmogrification’ (transformation), you have a mountain to climb. But friends, there is actually a brave heart, who climbed the ‘highest’ mountain even after losing one of her leg in an accident. After this tragic incident, she had two choices, one, to sit at home and curse life, destiny and god for being rude to her and second, to get over it and set an example for generations to come. She opted for the second one and today, she is the living example of courage, passion and dedication. Women empowerment indeed!!!! And Friends, that’s Arunima Sinha, the first woman amputee to climb Mount Everest, for you.

The childhood of many of us is marked with the Sunday episodes of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and the melodious jingles of Ravindra Jain complement those memories very beautifully. Born visually impaired, Jain started singing at a very young age. He challenged his disability, won over it and became one of the most notable music directors of his time. 

Ira Singhal is a name which has become a guiding light for every aspirant of Civil Services. But friends, getting selection in IAS was not a bed of roses for her. Ms. Singhal in the year 2010 had also cleared Civil Services examination but due to her so called ‘disability’, she was not able to get a posting. After being unable to get a posting the first time, she fought and won her case in the Central Administrative Service and became constant source of inspiration for all of us.

Friends, I know that starting from point zero is quite tormenting. But, the story of Malathi Krishnamurthy Holla might encourage you. Holla was paralyzed completely at the tender age of one. After a regular shock treatment for two years, her upper body got strength but the lower body remained weak. Irrespective of all the anomalies that came in her path, she decided to live life in the best possibly way and chose to excel in sports. She worked hard and won gold in 200m shot put, discuss and Javelin throw at the 1989 World Masters games in Denmark. She has over 300 medals in her kitty and is also a recipient of Arjuna Award and Padma Shri.

Friends you might have noticed that the points that are omnipresent in all these success stories of true achievers are ‘Perseverance’, ‘determination’ and ‘Hard work’. Some of them fought against the system, some had to win over the social barriers and some had to conquer their own fear and physical impairment in order to achieve success nevertheless,  your fight is still against yourself in furtherance of becoming a betting you. Keep it in your mind that challenge is nothing but an opportunity to boost your skills and come out as a souped up person. So, are you ready to change yourself for good? Are you ready to give all it takes to be successful? Are you prepared to be brave enough to accept your flaws and to work towards ameliorating them? If yes, then congratulations! The answer of the question asked in the beginning of this article is also in positive. So, keep working hard and pen down your own success story to inspire the generations to come.

All The Best!!

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