Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost

The years old adage, ‘No defeat is final until you stop trying’ holds a great significance in today’s world, where one has to survive the battle of sustenance and survival. We can also refer to the ‘Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory’ in order to prove the above point. Only those who keep trying irrespective of what may come in their path go victorious in this fierce yet beautiful struggle called LIFE. Now, the hot question of the day is, ‘How to be the fittest of all in this competing world, where everyone is armed with the armors of brilliance and competencies.' The simple answer to this not so simple question is through determination, perseverance and hardwork.

Today, IBPS has declared its final result for CWE Probationary officer (PO) and most of you would have cleared the exam and would have given a sweet note to their hardwork and dedication, but there would also be some candidates who might not have walked through the path of success. But friends, believe us, this was not the final battle. Yes, it was an important one but certainly not the final one. We know that this failure would be quite agonizing for you. But DO NOT let this ‘failure’ shatter your dreams and altitude, rather, make all the toil you made in order to achieve success in this exam, a base and build an abode of competencies over it, in which you can roost your blissful future and success. The abode we have just mentioned would get its strength only through your own hardwork, dedication and continuous bid to achieve perfection. Imbibe these beautiful words of the famous footballer Vince Lombardi ‘Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence’.

The first and foremost advice we would love to give you is that don’t change your altitude due to this short term failure, and friends, mark our words, if you will keep working hard, irrespective of these pity failures, you will eventually realize that this so called ‘failure’ is nothing else but ‘delayed success’. In the end, we would suggest that if you are feeling heartbroken, vent out your conniption. If you are feeling melancholic, go out with your friends, complement your hardwork with a movie or a treat and try to get over this undesired result. But dear friends, remember the phrase ‘TRY TRY BUT NEVER CRY’, which we had learnt at the primary stage of our learning, when we weren’t aware of its beauty. Finally, keep your morale high, keep working hard, stay calm and keep patience and at the end of the day, you’ll achieve whatever you want, because ‘struggle’, ‘hardwork’ and ‘dedication’ are adornments of a Successful life.

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