Success Story : Never loose your hope, Believe in GOD..

Name-No Name.
Bank-Union Bank of India
Post- PO

I wish all my BA friends who got selection in IBPS Clerk/PO. Really you guys deserve it.Good JOB.
I present this story especially for those who didn't got selected. I'll try to make it short so that I don't take much time of yours:

 My attempts :-
 IBPS clerk 2012-  Failed.
 IBPS PO-  Couldn't attend.
 IBPS clerk/PO 2013-  Failed
 SBI clerk 2014-  Failed
 IBPS PO 2014-  Failed.
 SBI Associate PO-  Failed
 IBPS Clerk IV-  Written cleared.Interview Failed
 IBPS PO IV-  Failed.
 United India assurance- Failed
 National insurance-  Failed
 SBI Associate Clerk-  Failed.
 SBI PO 2015-  Prelims failed.
 IBPS RRB OA-  Selected Baroda-UP Gramin Bank.
 IBPS PO V-   Selected in Union Bank.

Now imagine if i had quit after my frequent failures? , I would have not got what i am now. Iam an average student and all these exams were very very hard for me to clear.But i never wanted to admit it and quit. And so I decided to keep my Battle on. One thing which kept me going was BA .I got inspired by the success stories shared in here.I regularly visited for quiz and Daily updates.

When you really need something to achieve, it is very important to stay with the right people and at the right place.Stay away from negative thoughts and people who says negative comments.

Practice daily without breaks. Never loose continuity. Help others . This in real actually help yourself in reminding. Gather info as much as u can.Even you tastes failure, always have a positive mentality.I know all success stories quote this,but guys this really works. Stay positive.Don't lose hope and quit what you are working for.

Above all, Have faith in God.( If ur atheist,Believe in Yourself)

So,Every time when you fail,God smiles and says "No buddy,I have something better one for YOU" :) :) My story proves it!!

Its just the courage u need to posses to change the things you CAN.And its in your hands.GO,GET IT..

All the best.
Thanks a lot BA...

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satveer kumar said...

bhai congratulation , people like u set example in front of us.

bhai how did u prepare. just shrae