The Twisted Ones: English

Direction:(1-10)In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

If  the phone is (1) in India today, it is largely due to the amazing (2) of one man — Satyanarayan (abbreviated to ‘Sam’ by an HR clerk who couldn’t get her tongue around the name) Pitroda (a Gujarati community of metal-workers who traditionally used pitr or brass), the son of an (3) labourer. Pitroda’s drive and vision not only (4) him a 100 patents and millions of (5) in America, but the role of a change agent and (6) in his home country. Pitroda believes his (7) was shaped by his parent's decision to send him away, at the age of eight, from their (8) home in Orissa to a school in Gujarat. The Gandhian values (9) there, followed by a Baroda college, which honed his interest in physics and (10)his entrepreneurial instincts, provided the platform for a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and entry into the field of telecommunications.

A. scarce
B. flimsy
C. unwanted 
D. ubiquitous
E. ramshackle

A. journey
B. inaction
C. retrogress
D. tardiness
E. scurry

A. educated
B. unschooled
C. schooled
D. graduate
E. organised

A. earned
B. spend
C. loosed
D. gained
E. moved

A. capital 
B. rupees
C. wealth 
D. money
E. dollars

A. safe-breaker 
B. law-breaker
C. path-breaker
D. breaker
E. vision

A. adversity 
B. fortuity
C. complex
D. catastrophe
E. destiny

A. arrant
B. meagre
C. bursting
D. chubby
E. aplenty

A. ignited
B. instilled
C. doused 
D. afire
E. blazing

A. ensconced
B. imperceptive
C. dissimulated
D. camouflaged
E. revealed

Directions (11–15):In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Five  alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the five  alternative.

11.The _______ of the Indian passport of Mr. Mallya comes a day after the MEA declared that it had begun the procedure of___________ to bring him to justice.

A. engagement, anti-social 
B. license, deaf
C. authorization, connotation
D. revocation, consultation
E. clearance, spontaneity

12.It is_______ rare for top North Korean officials to give interviews to foreign media, and _______ with Western news organisations.

A. consummately, collectively 
B. extremely, particularly
C. transcendently, slightly
D. abysmally, unwittingly
E. preposterously, unwarily

13.The _______ star, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was found ________ in an elevator at the Paisley Park Studios complex where he lived in the suburb of Chanhassen.
A. aggravate, susceptible 
B. vacillating, appreciative 
C. straitlaced, alacritous
D. unpersuasive , responsive
E. influential ,unresponsive

14.Kanhaiya Kumar on Sunday ______ that a man tried to __________ him on a Jet Airways plane.
A. forfeited, loosen
B. disclaimed, strangulate
C. refuted, loosen
D. claimed, strangulate
E. waived, breathe

15.A university professor was ________ to death in Bangladesh on Saturday in an attack, the police said was similar to the recent ___________ of secular bloggers and activists.
A. put together ,act
B.s trangulate, history
C. unrig ,cases
D. hacked ,killings
E. extremely, preservations

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