Today Is My Day

Finally the day has come, for which we all have waited for, the day after which the life of many is going to change. First of all, heartiest congratulations to all those who have got selected and a big cheer for those who didn’t get their due for now.
‘Failure is part of success’ you have come across this phrase many times but, this is indeed a key to success and we all should imbibe it.

For the selected ones, this is the moment that puts an end to your creeps because there must have been many times when you wanted to give up or spend time doing other things which may have seemed more attracting. But your hard work and diligence have certainly paid-off. We start our journey with much enthusiasm and excitement and generally that excitement gets waning with time and then we face the newly-introduced intricacies of life. But despite all the odds, if we are able to survive this difficult phase of our life, we emerge out to be a true achiever. 

Perhaps we remain ignorant of our evolvement during this phase but we learn many things like-
• We learn how to live without being at home, without parents, siblings, luxuries of life. (Sacrifice) 
• Shadi me nahi jana, do din kharaab honge (concern)
• Papa, I will manage, don’t worry (management)
• Dost ka selection hua, koi nhi, mera bhi hoga (optimism)
• Haan Uncle, Exam acche gye hai, selection ho jayega (Tackling the bottlenecks of life)

From a happy-go-lucky person, we become a matured, responsible, caring, visionary etc. being known to us. This is the real achievement. Now many of you would have big dreams, big ambitions, bright plans for future, but for now, ‘Live this moment’ because only you know what you have gone through to achieve it. Your achievement could be none for some cynics . They will be like- ‘Arre itna padhke PO/Clerk bane ho.

They probably know that you have got your seat among a plethora of talented candidates. 
So, just say one line to them-‘Abhi to party shuru hui hai’.

In the end I would only say that cheer for this moment and then shape your future according to you because nobody knows you better than yourself. Also, you have eliminated a big impediment at this stage that is ‘Pressure’. 

So, this is not the end for your journey. I am sure we will be seeing and hearing a great deal more about your achievements in the future. 

Congratulations to all and Good luck for the future.